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  • Insurance Requirements for Different Life Stages – Part 1

    Risk and uncertainty are part of everyone’s life and the purpose of insurance is to shift this major financial loss caused due to these uncertainties from individual to insurance companies.

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  • Evaluate Your Risk Appetite Before Getting A ULIP

    One of the choices you need to make while buying an insurance plan is whether to go for a unit-linked policy (ULIP) or a plan on the traditional platform. In order to be able to decide correctly, you should know your risk appetite, or your tolerance to financial risk.

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  • How to Overcome Delays in Claim Settlement

    The moment when a claim on a life insurance policy needs to be made is usually a sensitive one. At such times then, the last of one’s worries should be a delay in the time taken to receive the claim amount. Life insurance usually has 3 types of claims that may be made.

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  • ULIPS are Still a Great Investment Option

    Over the years, life insurance has usually been synonymous with life protection for the family of the policyholder upon his death. However, these days, it offers a lot more. In order to meet demands for better returns on insurance, ULIPs were designed as a dual benefit product.

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  • Behavioural Finance – How Human Behavioural Biases Affect Investment Decisions (II)

    The human tendency to take extreme measures to avoid loss leads to some behaviours that can inhibit investing success.

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