Everything You Need To Know As A Life Insurance Customer

  • 27th Sep, 2013

As an insurer, we wish to provide you with great, transparent service. Too often customers purchase insurance without knowing the fine-print of the policy and the requisite processes.

In this article, we tell you all you need to know as a life insurance customer!



  • Ensure you fill the proposal form correctly and give your complete details
  • Do not sign on a blank proposal form
  • Disclose “all material information” about your health and family history
  • Select the correct term of the policy/ premium you can afford to pay
  • Ensure you give the complete details about the nominee/ s


  • Comply immediately incase any additional documents are asked for by the insurance company
  • Check that all the details in the policy bond are correct and as given by you
  • In case of any doubts/ incorrect information, contact the insurance company official immediately for clarification/ correction
  • Pay your premium regularly as and when due to avoid lapsation or other penalties
  • Any change of address, contact number, nominee, beneficiary should be intimated immediately to the insurance company


  • Death Claim Process
  • Maturity Claim Process
  • Rider Claim Process


  • If you disagree to any of the terms or conditions in the policy, you can cancel the life insurance policy within 15 days from the date of receipt of the policy document
  • In such type of cancellation you are entitled to get a refund of the premium paid after deduction of the applicable charges
  • In case of ULIP, you can: Make partial withdrawals, Make fund switches, Make premium redirection
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